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Story Of A David


My face is an inch away from hers, but her attention, and her panic, is drawn to the combat knife I hold  in front of her saucer like eyes.

“Understand me, I do not intend on using this on you.”

She doesn’t believe me of course, but I don’t need her to, the knife comes down and brushes lightly against her throat, drawing blood as it slowly misses her major arteries, leaving no more than a paper cut behind.

“I know I did this before, but I need a fresh sample you see.”

And I slide the blade over my tongue.

“Mandrake… wolf-bane…garlic….. basil? Basil? Seriously?”

I read the confusion in her eyes as she mumbles complaints through her gag.

“You were roofied by amateurs, all the pros know to use paprika.”

No one knows what that’s suppose to taste like I wanted to add, but I notice her…

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What is Astrology?

What is Astrology?

Since the beginning pf time man kind has looked to the stars.

My believe system is completed centered on the idea that all matter is energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted from one state of matter to another. In a great many ways we all know this simply by the changes we see in water. It can be frozen in ice and fall in rain or flood the world in white as snow. We all know water changes, what we think of less is how many other things, including ourselves, do so as well.

Since all matter is energy, the way we interact with the world creates different connections on an energetic level. I believe that the way the planets interact with other planets and stars in this and other galaxies influence heavily the energy we feel on our Earth. This is the basis for Astrology for thousands of years and spans several civilizations. People rely on Astrology across the planet daily in many forms from I-Ching to a Sibyl or Forecaster.

Science is just beginning to prove matters that have been known for an eternity. All things are connected. All species have a link. The stars create and block gases, light from other stars and radiation from Earths view everyday. Which stars are seen or are not seen on the day of your birth determine parts of your personality habits and even forecast problems you have in life. I believe fully in the power of influence stars have on all living being based on your orientation to us.However I am not a believer in fate as a fixed ending to the Universe.

As though the fates of Destiny’ Design are personally creating your life out of sheer boredum. We all have a hand in our life, we each choose how we live, no matter the circumstances and regardless of circumstances, we all have a choice. However somethings are bound to happen, predicted by the movement of the stars and the energy they direct toward us. When a war will start will have to do with Pluto or Mars in a fire sign like Aries creating tension and conflict with the energy associated with them. Or that a wave of good fortune will happen during Gemini and all kinds of other things. But these apply for many years spans.

Personalized astrology follows the planets in your sign at birth and where each one is now. The daily astrology prints, like the ones in the daily papers are general outcomes for your day based on the major players in each sign.

Many people are influenced by energy and some more than others. But regardless of your belief in it, the one thing we can’t deny is the world’s interest in this fun subject.

Running, jogging, and tae Kwan do

I just did my first scheduled run/ jog in three years. I did a few stretches before I went but actually running the trail go me to realize that I need to do a few things before my next run.
Im going to do a small quarter mile jog before my next run. And before and after that I’m going to do these stretches so that I can do a good job and feel accomplished.Running Stetches

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